Growler Front Footpad Mod


A quick post on how I mod my front footpad for the Growler. The main point is making the slight cutout for the tire gap, but I also show how I cut my grip tape, make the sensor layers less prone to separating at the corners, and paint my pad.

Making the Tire Gap Cutout

Because the TFL rails I’m using are slightly asymmetric (the wheel is shifted about 2mm towards the front), it’s advised by Jeff himself to grind out the front footpad slightly to make the gap even.

I’m using the improved connector cover for growler by Flowglider as my connector cover and I’m using its curve as a guide for making the cutout.

If you don’t have a spokeshave, or the obvious choice of some sort of a power grinder, I’d recommend using a hack saw to do repeated perpendicular cuts down to the marked line. Then you can pop off the small pieces with a knife and sand the curve smooth.

Cutting Sheet Grip Tape to Exact Shape

I’m using the DopeGrip square cut grip tape (which, by the way, is the exact same as the TFL grip tape) and cut it myself. Here’s how I do it, it’s quite easy and does give good results.

Cutting Down the Sensor in the Corners

I’ve ruined my previous sensor by grinding the corners of the sensor on the asphalt when doing tricks. Eventually dirt got inbeween the layers, they separated and water got inside. RIP. I had the idea of cutting down the edges of the sonsor sort of more flat with the footpad, so that they don’t grab as much. I can’t entirely guarantee this is a good idea yet, but I’ve had it this way for a couple of months now and so far it seems to be working great (you should still keep an eye on the corners of your grip and if they get frayed and expose the sensor, replace the grip).

Finishing up

Just paintin’ my footpad black here, feel free to move along :)